Bajaj Qute: brand recall with intent to purchase

David Pieris Motor Company wanted to create mass brand awareness for its new compact Quadricycle, the BAJAJ QUTE, to generate leads and ultimately sales. With this campaign, David Peries aimed to uniquely position its car as a new-age vehicle with the campaign message “A Smart Choice for a Smart Car”.

Service Provided

  • Google Paid Search
  • Google Display Ne Advertising
  • Facebook video and lead ads


  • A new entry to market
  • No previous awareness of the make/brand
  • Identifying the right consumer in the digital space
  • Multi-Lingual


Using a “full-funnel” strategy, we aimed to first increase brand awareness among potential customers, then capture people’s intent to learn more and finally encourage them to complete a “interested in purchase” form. We used a variety of ad formats and solutions designed for each stage of the marketing funnel.
Subsequently, we used Custom Audiences to reach out to people who had engaged with the brand in the initial stage and encouraged them to take the next step in their purchase journey. We showed this group a lead ad to make it fast and easy to request more information.

Finally, DPMC followed up with the leads, who proved to be highly valuable, relevant consumers with high brand awareness and intent to purchase.


Using a 2-phased approach, we increased brand awareness, drove intent and gathered valuable leads that significantly impacted car sales. The campaign ran from March–September 2019 and delivered: 8-point lift in ad recall (measured by a Facebook brand lift study) 6-point lift in recommendation (measured by a Facebook brand lift study) More than 300 cars sold every month.