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Thashrif Gaffoor
Founder & Head of Digital

Thashrif is the face behind Jasmin Media, he started the agency in 2008 with a small team of developers. He has been helping clients make the most of digital for nearly a decade. He also provides consultancy services to some of the biggest brands in the UK. Thashrif also has a portfolio of other Tech businesses.

Thashrif has a first class degree in Engineering from City University London. This is where we get the brains to do all the analytical stuff from. Likes playing cricket thinks he is quicker than Brett Lee more like Bopara in our opinion, no offence to Ravi. Dedicated Arsenal Fan. (We remind him enough of the trophy drought, FA cups don't count)

Aidan Power
Senior Planner

Aidan is an experienced Digital Planner and Strategist with over 13 years experience in design and build. He started his career in design before moving on to User Experience. All the designs you see in our work have Aidan's stamp of approval.

Don't be fooled by the Surname, Aidan is a gentle giant, our creative hero. Claims he is a vegetarian only until he sees a good steak. Proud father of Diana Power (d power!)

Ahamed Shiraf
Head of Development

Ahamed has been with the agency since our inception. Ahamed heads up the development team and is responsible for delivering Jasmin Media's technical solutions. Ahamed leads several exceptionally talented software engineers, he helps them to achieve their highest potential for themselves and for the business.

Ahamed's favourite line is impossible is nothing (wears too much Adidas gear in our opinion). If you have a problem Ahamed will have a solution. Likes playing football and does a lot of charity work (good on ya).

Lisa Springs
Head of Performance Media

Lisa heads up the Digital Marketing team. She is an expert in running SEO, Paid & Social Campaigns. She has been responsible for planning campaigns for companies like Virgin Holidays, Thomas Cook and Lucozade in the past.

Likes to read, read and read, we call her Mrs Kindle (Mark her husband does too). Lately, she has picked up a few things on photoshop. Sits too close to our designers.

Raziya Imthiyaz
Head of Client Services

Raziya is comfortable working across multiple verticals and with teams of varying sizes and skill sets, Her ability to add value to any online proposition is recognised by her work to date. Raziya's greatest asset is that she understands business and digital business, she can explain everything in layman terms (we mean everything).

Raziya is a key cog in our team, she does a lot of the behind the scene work and we all love her for all the wonderful detailed data sheets and analytical reports she produces. We love her more for the wonderful cakes she bakes. She is our favourite chef. Still waiting for that carrot cake. Raziya is currently taking a break - we can't wait to have her back.

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