Volvo: Simplified digital experience in car configuration to improve consumer experience 

Founded in 1927, Volvo Cars has become one of the best known and most respected automotive manufacturers in the world. Volvo is currently invested in creating a business model that focuses on a digital-first transformation which provides simplified solutions and technological advances that further their mission to improve customer’s life. We were able to share in this mission by creating a car configurator web solution that was simple, innovative, and efficient in helping customers customise their car online as easy as driving it.


  • Simplifying a complicated design process
  • Giving consumers a seamless digital experience when designing their car
  • Real time experience of designing your car
  • A comprehensive back-end platform that allowed real time updates

Solutions & Results

  • Produced a consistent experience across customization of Volvo Cars
  • A start to finish agile web application where you can build your Volvo Car from engine configuration, to colour, wheels, upholstery, and optional equipment
  • Real time changes that reflected the latest updates while browsing
  • Created a new experience of car configuration
  • Bespoke backend solution that integrates with user experience